exam celebration in progress

by Aizan Fahri

exam celebration

Counting my days in INTEC. I do not wish to stay here for ACTP, and I’ll try my best to make sure I won’t be here for ACTP. I love my friends and lecturers here, not the administration. This is the final week of summer, and I’ll be sitting for my final test (not final exam… there are few distinguishable traits between test and exam) on Friday.

  • Update on 94fs logo

The bases of the logo were done yesterday. Here’s the sneak peek of it:

bases for 94fs logo

I’ll try my best to complete it by the end of this week, but I need to oversee few things (university applications, data filing, calculus notes and all).

Hence, I’d like to announce

Imma Chargin’ Mah Lazer!