rebranding NightlyArt’s logo

by Aizan Fahri

I stick to the K.I.S.S rule: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Just finished designing new logo for NightlyArt (after millenia of waiting my friend to design one).

nightlyart fit

I synthesized this design when I was taking shower, and indeed the smell of urinal cake didn’t suppress my creative thinking ability at all. Wait, is design like that considered as “creative”. I doubt that 60% percent. Haha.

And yeah, banner too.


Maybe after this I’ll try to design a new logo for 94fs. And also, maybe I’ll write more info regarding Kiel Hyre, Mel St. Claire, Ann Chester, Elzi Fasco and Leon Fermi. The names I’ve mentioned are like “manager and guardian” of my data and information. For example, Elzi Fasco is the Archive Database (which I wrote in this post yesterday).

Towards a wonderful life!

p/s: I love giving names to my belongings. My MacBook Pro is Ath Neutrino, my phone is Ath Marc, the next ultrabook in the family is going to be named as Ath Solenoid, even my books also have names like Trusty, Faithful and Wilhelmina.