Elzi Fasco Archive Database

by Aizan Fahri

Today is Sunday, and I pulled an unprecedented scale of an archiving task, known as Archive & Storing Ops (ASO).

archiving metodology

For small archives, I use 7z compression. For bigger archive, I was using DMG at first but then I switched to ISO (for better cross-OS adaptability). Why use disk image like ISO or DMG? Because I want to have a quick access over my archive by simply mounting them (built-in mounter is already in most mainstream Linux and also inside OSX, as for Windows I use Virtual Clone Drive.

For archiving purpose, I use Keka on my Ath Neutrino, as recommended by @pali7x.

archive and storing operation Elzi Fasco

Archiving isn’t really a resource-hogging process, but I did notice few insignificant lagginess. By archiving into mountable disk image, the compression rate is very low (or it doesn’t really compress at all).

done compressing

As for drama or anime or TV series, I compressed directly into mountable disk image without compressing first into archive file format. Because whenever I feel I wanna watch any of them, just mount and play. No need to decompress.

archiving into mountable ISO

Eh wait. What is “Elzi Fasco Archive Database“?

Just a name, to make it looks a bit grand. I have few more names that manage my data such as Leon Fermi, Kiel Hyre, Mel St. Claire and Ann Chester.