94fs – resurrection initiation complex

by Aizan Fahri

that short letter

A short letter from Fathanah, admin of 94fs.

Shall I call forth my resurrection plan, Resurrection Initiation Complex.

Well, is this gonna be complex? Quite. Because money is involved. Yeah, through a short discussion between me and Shu, we decided that 94fs needs to be refurbish further, both on the administration level and the visual appearance. There’ll be changes too on how the articles would be written/published.

First, I’d like to reveal the desired themes. AlYoum and EffectiveNews. Both are premium magazine-based WordPress themes. Priced at USD 45, that’s quite a price to pay.

But, fret not because 94fs is hosted on my hosting and domain is paid annually by Shu. So, I hope that USD45 is not much a problem here.¬†Changes in administration would be proposed in July. I’d prepare a PowerPoint slide. So, yeah! Stay tune!