what if there’s no grading scheme?

by Aizan Fahri


I must get A+, otherwise my CGPA would suffer a lot
I only need C, because my CGPA is already at its beauty

Let’s take a look at another concept.

God didn’t set any grading scheme. From that, all beings are told to behave and do good deeds. And there’s no standard of excellence, nor perfection. What will you do?

You strive, strenuously, doing good deeds all the time. You don’t know where’s the extent of deed you should be doing that will save you on the judgment day.

And what if…

You apply the same concept on your exam paper?

You don’t have any idea about your grade
You don’t know your carry mark
You have no idea about what lecturers are expecting from you

You will strive, strenuously, to make sure that you path is secured. And you don’t think there’s a pitstop for a rest.


p/s: Courtesy of Tina Seelig.