sharing is demonizing… just kidding

by Aizan Fahri

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Actually, I’m not kidding 100% there. Sharing results is like a threatening act, judging from my glare-protection glasses, among the east coast people. Contrary to the east coast people, west coast people are much more like “information would be given upon request”. Situation?

Hey my east coast friend, how’s your result?
….. (cricket sound.. cricket sound is everywhere).

Hey my west coast friend, how’s your result?
Not that good, but not that bad either. I got 2.99 and I think I need to study freaking more hard.

Is it important to share result?

Yes, it is. As the emblem and insignia of friendship, loyalty and trust. I do it, in the name of loyalty and friendship. Because I know, I’d be getting helps and aids, which are very likely.