subbed – Making The Right Choice For University

by Aizan Fahri

Hours of struggling with keyboard, Razer Imperator, Sublime Text 2, Subtitle Edit and willpower, I’ve done subbing this video. Yeah!

a bit late

click to enlarge

As usual, I’m using the Subtitle Edit to make the .SRT subtitle file. This is the easiest software to use because rather than fiddling with very painful timeframe drag method, in Subtitle Edit I could easily “highlight” the frame by using the waveform. I took 1 hour (or less) for this process.

After the process of making the .SRT file was done, I needed to burn the .SRT directly into the video file. By using HandBrake, subbing with burn-in method seems a bit impossible as I’m always making countless failed attempt (the .SRT wasn’t burned-in, just being softcoded… or the subtitle got broken bla bla bla). So, the first thing I did was to burn the .SRT into the video file by using Any Video Converter Lite. I set the video bit rate to 10,000, and I instantly knew I was killing myself because…

avc lite verThe video file was too big! Freaking big! But, I didn’t sweat out that easy. Remember, I set the bitrate to 10,000, while actually 1,500 is acceptable. For the final touch-up, I used HandBrake (this is a professional video encoder… but I’m a novice video encoder so this video won’t be any different… yeah).

hb version

So, yeah. 11.7 MB for 480p .MP4 video. Quite ok, and I don’t really need to whack my broadband. Technology saved the day!

Why did you do this?

I need something to kill the time. Something beneficial. Something that… when I grow older and I have kids, I could tell them what I did when I was a youth, to inspire them. Hek ~

So, have fun during weekend!