found old gold

by Aizan Fahri

I was rummaging my ‘uncombined pieces’ in my ‘Writing Project’ storage. Uncombined pieces mean ideas that just went through my brain, and certainly undoubtedly, some cool ideas. Here there are!

The luxury of updating blog everyday was effectively robbed by loads of assignments and fear of an existence of an alphabet, usually x, inside a clean and sane mathematical equation.

I couldn’t exercise my imagination – to spark new ideas, to write new ideas – which belongs to its rightful owner, brain, because imagination was relegated from being the first priority to the 3rd one, because critical mathematical analysis needed the first post and fear needed the second. You see, people doing math are always beyond terrified when pencils and calculator aren’t synced.

People ask me “what will you do if something robbed your sanity, i.e. subjects that blow your brain neurons by neurons”… I just said “I lodged a report to Allah during the night and I’ll get my stuffs back on the next morning. If not the lost ones, maybe even better”

p/s: Gonna get afternoon nap. See ya!