the way I perceive this (sinful) world

the cane

A teen decided to take a walk. While walking he was thinking about this world. He stared, sometimes glowered, and curled a rueful smile… or winced. Wincing in agony.

He saw girls walking, almost topless.

Instinctively, his unconscious self performed a rapid geometrical triangulation over the girls body, effectively sketching the cleavages and tops of mountain of fats. His conscious self was compulsively trying to avert such mental process – to avoid manifesting energy over such unnecessary calculation – but that signal to shut down such process was unheeded by his brain, which was taken over by lust and carnal desire.

“lower your gaze, lower your gaze”

Said a religious preacher, inside his very own heart. He tried to fill himself with such religious thoughts to skirt away dirty bloody imagination.

“lower my gaze what?”

Such way of dressing defeats every purpose of covering your body. Analogically speaking, it is like shitting a bowl at neck-breaking speed. You can’t lower your gaze away that easy from your toxic waste when you wanna freaking flush the toilet.

“you pervert!”

I’m pervert? No! I’m being perverted. You goaded me efficiently into a freaking pervert. Into this staring business.

FYI, I always prefer walking with my glasses off so everything looks less HD that it is supposed to be. Sometimes I wear cap so I could reduce my range of sight up to 20 percent. A sunglasses might help but then it makes me look like a blind without cane. What’s the point wearing a pair of sunglasses during rainy day?

p/s: The Great Triangulation. Maybe you should read this.


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