Thanks Aiman Azlan!

by Aizan Fahri

Bro Aiman Azlan answered my question in this video, and I feel honored. Bro, I owe you a cup of cappuccino!

So, my question was? This one:

my question

… because I’m reading Biotechnology now. When I was skimming through the comment, I found this:

win question

Seriously, I do really feel how bro Aiman Azlan feels. Once… no, for few occasions I’d been writing some techie-geeky articles for AmanzMy (and KomputerMy), I had to spend 4 – 6 net hours on reading, writing and proofing my articles, and 2 more net hours on preparing the materials. But the thing is, I felt so good when finally my pieces got published, and people loved them.

“Your feedbacks are our fuel”