CPU got overheated

by Aizan Fahri

Both CPU core temperature shot to 90%. At first, I suspected nothing other than living at the hot climate of the earth’s equator made my CPU went for a sun-bathing. The tip is, if you notice your temperature has gone aflame, you should check the Activity Monitor. Sometimes, there’s a culprit hiding and hogging your resources.

the cpu usage

In my case it was Folding@Home. Few days before I was experimenting with Stanford’s F@H. It turned out I didn’t properly remove it. I only deleted the app’s GUI, but not the core. Hence, the core was running rampantly even though I beheaded the GUI.

FaH is the culprit here

LOL FaH was using 388.5% of the whole CPU resource. Let’s take a closer look at the Activity Monitor.

folding at home core

So, we’ve found the culprit here so what do we do? Easy, go Google-ing and you’ll found the solution. If you installed F@H on your OSX and you wish to remove it, make sure you download the uninstaller here. Extract the zip, run the program and within seconds you’re done.

the cpu temperature back to normal

All is done, and the has gone back to normal. By the way, thanks to iStat Menus for the heat sensor.