case 6: pressure cooker is defined

by Aizan Fahri

pressure cooker

We aren’t talking about kitchenettes. This phrase was used in “3 idiots”, defining a state in which students were experiencing a pressurized environment to complete courses/assignments.

How I define “pressure cooker” in this context?

I, sincerely, don’t know how to define it. To me, the term “pressure cooker” is overratedly coined by lazy layman. Think about the Muslim Scholars during Umayyad Caliphate (Umayyad 1 stretched from AD 660 to 750, and Umayyad 2 stretched from 756 to 1031), during Abbasid Caliphate (750 – 1258) and Turk Ottoman Caliphate.

They created and documented stuffs while in prison, they got no equipments as we got today, they got no utilities as we have today, but they shed light on knowledge and upholstered the revolutionaries which are benefitting us till today. They had moulded arrays of knowledge!!

The Canon of Medicine (al-Qaanun fit tibb) by Avicenna (Ibn Sina) is still circulating around 21st century universities.

p/s: I got 2 roommates who are always indulging themselves in Calculus 2 all the time, without whining a bit. Salute!

i salute you

p/s: I’m moved when I read tweets on FB statuses that read “I hate this and this subject” or equivalent, because his/her intellectuality has been denied its rights as the rightful ruler of his mind. If you dislike it, don’t say it.