cursed building

by Aizan Fahri

Signal reception for Celcom Broadband is terribly poor in my room, makes my life utterly miserable when I want to download anything. So, I did some digging, and here are the outcomes of my experiment. First of all, this is the setting of my room.

the desk

MacBook Pro 13-inch on the left and Toshiba *something* on the right. Both are Celcom Broadband users. So, let’s go to the interesting part.

wcdma_at the windows

Near full bar WCDMA connection when I put my phone close to the windows. WCDMA means I could get the 3G or HSDPA connection with 100KB/sec – 200KB/sec download speed uncapped.

gsm_in front laptop

When I switched to Auto Mode GSM/WCDMA (I was quite sure that my phone picked up GSM instead of WCDMA) when I brought it in front of my MacBook. With GSM, I could get Edge the best. The speed? Recall the story about rabbit and turtle. This is slower than the rabbit, and you must keep in mind that rabbit didn’t reach the end flag.

Much worse? Here it comes…

wcdma_in front laptop

In front of my laptop, with WCDMA, I got nothing. Not a single bar.

The displacement (I said displacement, not distance) is like 2 meters from the MacBook to the windows, and the signal reception dropped from 4 bars to none. What kind of sorcery is this?

Firdaus Irwan (Toshiba’s owner) and I came to a conclusion, and it is fairly conclusive although no evidence could support our conjecture:

Cemara Residence, once ago, was painted with blood and mucus.

It is 2013, and we still believe Malay horror drama.