owari no sekai kara

by Aizan Fahri

Owari No Sekai Kara

My finger inadvertently clicked on this video on YouTube while I was browsing for Yahari Ore no Seishun’s opening, Yukitoki by Nagi Yanagi. Owari no Sekai Kara is quite a cute song, and I didn’t believe myself I shed tears silently in my heart while subbing this video.

Hell yeah! You read it right. I subbed the video, because I wanna enjoy it while crying silently in my head. The whole subbing process wasn’t a throbbing pain at all since the translation was already available at AnimeLyrics. I was thinking about doing romanization for the kanji lyric, but then I needed to use AegiSub, which clearly not an onion that I’m expert at.

For subbing, the raw .SRT file was made by using Subtitle Editor (Windows, F.O.C. You need VLC for better subbing experience). Click the picture below for a complete metamorphosis. Hehe.

subbing paradigm

Done with subbing, I needed to merge the .SRT file with the video file. I used HandBrake, so I could HD-fy the video, configure stereo and AAC stuffs and added some spices.

done subbing and transcoding

Quite a fun day spending my time subbing a video. Aiman Azlan’s latest video is coming up next. So, enjoy!

p/s: Actually the english sub that I had been working should be on the video, and then I transcoded to MKV (it means that the sub was softcoded, not hardsubbed as in MP4 video file). Vimeo couldn’t recognize the softcoded sub, hence no subtitle on the player.