hunting the students

by Aizan Fahri

so youre telling me

I need my juniors to broadcast this message:

Whoever got oversea option(s), please do consult your seniors. I’m available starting at 3 PM tomorrow. Twitter, or Skype. Oovoo might be a pretty good option too. If I can’t get you satisfiable answers, I might be handing your case to my colleagues.

This is a damn bloody sincere advice:

To students who got oversea option(s), expecting flowers must come with expecting shits and craps. Please turn off your dysfunctional fantasies and overly delusional thoughts of ice-staking or making snowman during winter or travelling around Europe before your dreams bloom bad.

Hint? No prob.

Placement essays, shitloads of assignments with no time for DoTA-ing (yes, a myth… my friends DoTA all the time), SAT test, TOEFL or IELTS test, bloody scholar/sponsor out of nowhere suddenly changes the contract, got threatening letters and all, peer pressure, admission materials, admission deadlines, dossiers, and whatnot.

I’m not demotivating you. I’m just killing your fantasies. Fantasizing is contagious… might even nosebleed.

nosebleed does happen


A warning

I won’t entertain question like job prospect, interest, market availability and related stuffs. Only technical questions such as the exam system, the GPA/CGPA system, the lecturer, the settings of the environment bla bla bla.