satirical-philosophical complex

by Aizan Fahri

This is what I’ve been suffering and striving for in the field of literature. I’m cursed by my own intellect to produce masterpieces that can induce laugh, and can make one to ponder at the same time.

Satirical means a literary work in which human is attacked through irony, derision or wit. A sarcasm. Everybody can be sarcastic, but most sarcasms are far less recognized than being philosophical.

I want everybody TO LAUGH, and TO THINK at the same time. I’m investing my time to manifest such power.

p/s: Ok I wrote crap.

p/s: The idea of ‘satirical-philosophical complex’ came from ‘transcription-initiation complex’ (Biology).

p/s: Puberty did change me, but biology has made it recursive to every single cell, particularly the brain.

p/s: Toward ISO 9001