I’m summarizing my despair

by Aizan Fahri

kRO renewal

7:45 AM: I started my venture to download kRO Renewal worth 2.0GB, ambitiously, using INTEC’s WiFi. Despite all those backward proxy and Bluecoat barricade, I managed to break past the barrier using secret skills.

8:50 AM: Constant speed of 500KB/sec was gained during the whole download process, and I completed 6 parts out of 8 (which was about 1.4GB approx.)

12:15 PM: I initiated 2nd phase. Downloading the rest of the base kRO Renewal files before merging with DreamerRO patch. I closed Neutrino’s lid at 1:45 PM and prepared to go home.

Wave of ups and downs won’t certainly know how to not disturb a desperate guy, isn’t it?

Official DreamerRO has links for patch and full client, but they are INVALID. I cried blood mucus blood shit.

And I tried using DreamerRO version 7 lite to patch kRO, but unfortunately, it went blank and I went apeshit. I tried using alternative like DevilRO, but turned out I went equally apeshit as before. I texted Rienz, and he replied “oh I think you were using far too advanced kRO client”.

On much simpler term, I have to download 2GB again. Yeap. Freaking bloody again.

p/s: I love Ragnarok Online. Why? Because I’ve been playing it since 11-year old.

p/s: Suddenly a booming voice from the ethereal universe jabbed my conscience

“you punk! study now”

Hek ~