college of psychological & mathematical analysis

college of psychological and mathematical analysis

Having read about Laplace Demon, I figured that I wanna build a college, named as College of Psychological & Mathematical Analysis.

The goal is to observe human by using mathematical equations/constants. As suggested by Laplace about the causal determinism, I’m moved by this idea although it is only applicable within a closed system, not in our open universe (where interferences and mutations from outside will most likely to bounce it).

As I read about Laplace Demon, it reminds me about Abraham The Mage, Chronos, and The Witch of Endor (please refer to the Secrets of Immortal Nicholas Flamel). They observed the Threads of Time, which I think it coincides with the idea of Parallel Universe (do refer MinutePhysics at YouTube).

So, we got 3 ideas here. Laplace Demon, Threads of Time and Parallel Universe. I don’t really expect you to understand these because they are highly philosophical and metaphorical, questioning the intellect of the universe.

p/s: You can read about Laplace Demon from Yahoo! Answer and also on Paul Levinson’s blog. I recommend Levinson’s blog.


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