direct approach vs subtle approach

by Aizan Fahri

I was cultivating this idea while I was having my late night bath. Toilet bowl with the fresh smell of urinal fluid aroused my creativity, resulting in action of thrusting my sanguine fingers onto the chiclet MacBook’s keyboard.

By using the definition taken from my own dictionary, direct approach is defined:

When you got attacked by fleets of army. At that time, you know that you’re doomed to the hell, effective immediately. Swords and blades version.

on the other hand, subtle approach is defined:

When enemy’s plans and moves seem unintelligible to you. You couldn’t see the enemy’s booby traps are closing near. At the moment you realized it, you’re doomed eternally because your legs are plummeting down into the quicksand, leaving your neck hanging, waiting for death to pay a visit.

… even subtler

When you’re the second generation factor. You yourself is the factor that degrading your own power after being anesthetized by rival’s unforeseen syringe, the first generation factor.

This is the design where swords and blades serve no function. It is where mind does the most part.

Gangnam style is a song with unintelligible movements, yet people love to imitate it. What to do