aided and unaided discovery

by Aizan Fahri

aided unaided discovery

Whoever awaits my posts, behold… I’M STILL DAMN FREAKING BLOODY ALIVE YEAH!

I just read one thing that gave a breeze of tranquility to my conscience. It is from “How To Read A Book” page 13. Adler gives an exceptional analogy between being taught (which is an aided discovery), and self taught (unaided discovery).

It is my duty to share what I’ve learned, don’t I? Well, think it like this.

Given 2 situations; your grandpa told you about the story of ghosts vs you bumped into one. Both are proven to have the ability of making you scared shitless. But speaking in the term of magnitude between these 2 events, which one makes you scared beyond the limit?

So… yeah. Do all the math alone, in a confined room with nothing but eldritch screeches and wails. Enjoy the moment of unaided discovery.

p/s: another randomness. O lord please don’t let my sanity be teared apart.