Hannibal & The Following

I got few English Series in my HDD and I think I wanna collect something new and fresh. The Mentalist is already at season 5 (and soon it’ll hit season finale, and the Red John arc hasn’t ended yet). I went to a venture finding more and I stumbled upon the Da Vinci Demon but then I trashed it because it is full of craps (nudity’s everywhere). Eventually, I got Hannibal and The Following. Both are still running on their first season so I can keep an easy track onto them. I got a screenshot from Hannibal.

dogs keep a promise a person cant

The plotline of Hannibal is awesome. If it is not on par with The Mentalist, it can’t go lower and must be higher than that. Rated at 8.4/10 at IMDB, I could assure you that this series could send countless chills down to your spine. Blood is everywhere, and you’re handling with certain sophisticated emotional disturbance while watching this. I don’t know why, but I do experience it. The story is about psychopath, psychology, psychoanalyzing and… blood. FBI is the law enforcer here. Thumbs up to Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter.

the following

The Following is kinda great too, and I’m still watching its pilot episode. Rated at 7.8/10 on IMDB, the concept of the story is quite plausible and the villain (Joe Carroll) shares the same attribute as The Mentalist’s Red John but the main protagonist (Ryan Hardy) is not the same as Patrick Jane. The antagonist and protagonist know each other, respect each other. Same as above, FBI is the law enforcer here.

Parental Advisory is advised. Hemophobics? Stay away from both series.

p/s: To my conscience, The Mentalist is for growing adults, but both of the series mentioned above, they are for the real adults. Not in term of sex, but in the aspect of storyline and dialogues. Very deep.


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