case 4: results for Spring 2013

results yeah

Just got my results for ADFP Spring Semester. Sorry, I have to censor few subjects because the marks are funny and it might induce laughters. I got an A- for my Biology (which I was expecting for A so I could get solid 4.00 pointer for it). Advance Composition got B+, and I think if I could write better, might push it to A- or A. Never thought that I was able to score an A- for Critical Thinking since my thinking was full with craps and shits and my presentations weren’t that stellar for an alphabet like “A”.

“dude… be grateful”

I’m being grateful (otherwise, I wouldn’t pull an update about this). I’m just reflecting my efforts and to cross-match it with my grades.

GPA of 3.47 for Spring Semester (FYI, I got 2.67 GPA for my Fall, so this is Paradigm Shift!). CGPA 3.28 and I need to keep the momentum so I can do the ACTP here.

By the way, here’s the grading scheme.

ADFP grading system

So… you know how hard it is to get the good results here.


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