case 1: summer first week… and holidays

by Aizan Fahri

i dont want to live anymore on this planet

I’ve announced that “I’m all heated up for Calculus 1”… but suddenly there was an announcement saying that we’ll be having 4 or 5 days off… due to the election. This kind of disruption caused a resentful biological response centering at my amygdala.

p/s: nothing feels better other than ripping farts in a sequential & graceful fashion after knowing that more holidays are coming.

p/s: bombing the room with biological gas while roommates are sleeping is a form illegal mercy killing… because they surely won’t value your unfiltered ammonia gas

p/s: to confirm a successful sequence of farting synthesization, consider eating a lot of air… because fart is a derived version of air… which is highly toxic and capable of killing. From that equation, air could kill. Hence, it makes sense with the meme “don’t want to live in this world anymore”.

p/s: ignore my Newtonian Theorem of Fart…. because it is indigenously not conclusive.

p/s: not matter how secluded area you fart at, God’s watching you.

p/s: the meme “I don’t to live anymore on this planet” is kinda a disturbing phrase… because habitable planet within Goldilocks Zone is yet to be found within our visual range….

p/s: blame Hubble Space Telescope.