to write… and to animate it

by Aizan Fahri

write a damn story

A lot of ideas spiralling frantically & maniacally inside my thinking cubicle, but none of them have yet to be on the bookshelf. But, being on a bookshelf is not the end point.

The end point is… to have every inch of the details animated.

Because… lot of people do not want to work their eyes and brains for novel. They want something easier for them to understand, i.e. the TV shows. If I were to choose between real-action and animation (specifically, anime), which one should I choose? No doubt, I’ll go with anime first.

Low budget, don’t have to deal with actors, can throw away the physics laws and much more explosions and killings can be observed.

But then, if my works gonna get the real-action movies, they got my bless. I would like to have my novel (still in progress… slowly) to be on the silver screen. Acted by Malaysian, rich in action… and a Hollywood-standard but sharia-compliant.

Another dysfunctional fantasy. Hek.

p/s: I’m still dealing with my major problem in writing: dictionary-dependent, lack of lexical diversity and unable to synthesize motions linearly.

p/s: I had sent a copy of my novel to a local publisher… and hey! publisher-zoned.

p/s: I’ve completed 3 chapters, but I’m looking forward to rework on that again. The whole structure of the storyline. I need to read more. Dan “Spider” Shepherd thriller series is a good step, I think.