I will buy 2 external HDDs

by Aizan Fahri

HDD icon OSX

Actually, I should write “I will buy 3 external HDDs”, but let’s hear what I have for now.

The first HDD is for my personal storage. It will be divided into 2 compartments, which are the Cold Storage to store something that I won’t be using within 4 months period, and Transitional Storage which I’ll be using to backup the gravely important files (assignments, projects, etc…). Anyhow, it is still kinda unclear to me whether I’ll do it by partitioning or just use folders. And also, the question of filesystem (FAT32, NTFS, EXT, etc…). The capacity? Won’t go lower than 500GB.

The second HDD is for business, in the sense of formatting clients laptop/PC. Won’t go lower than 500GB, and it won’t be using NTFS or FAT based filesystem. Why? I want a storage where viruses can’t breed, and non-Windows based storage filesystems are seemingly appropriate to this context. Let me explain the flow.

1. Before formatting, back up the data via Linux.
2. Store the data inside the 2nd HDD
3. Done with formatting, use Linux to set up 2nd partition
4. Transfer the data from 2nd HDD to 2nd partition

Done. Most computer viruses go banana upon activation. Hence it will remain dormant if nobody cares even the slightest to click it. So, after the copying is done, run AV and AM on the 2nd partition, either by using ClamAV or Avast for Linux or AV’s Rescue Disc (Kaspersky for instance) or the locally-installed AV on the client’s laptop/PC.

3rd HDD? It is for Time Machine.

p/s: AV stands for Anti-Virus, AM stands for Anti-Malware. Know the differences.