AnimeOut and Cyber12: Railgun S

I went apeshit because Cyber12 still hasn’t released their version for Railgun S (abbr. from To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S) when I’m writing this. In the meantime, I’m searching for 48op (blerghh… who are still watching 480p anime these days?) but unfortunately the nature was against me because 480p was not available in less than 80MB variant (except for Anime 60MB, but it detests my AdBlock+). So, I went to AnimeOut and grabbed a copy for Railgun S episode 03. This is the media info:

from AnimeOut

720p anime with 94.8MB as the file size. Packed under H.264 format with MKV as the container, 24.0 fps with 2 channel audio (stereo). Let’s take a look at Cyber12’s version of Railgun S (episode 2).

from Cyber12

576p anime sized at 86.1MB packed with H.264 format with MP4 as the container (do we classify MP4 as container?). This one lose to the audio bitrate of AnimeOut’s copy. 32.0kbps against 48.0kbps.

What’s my point, actually?

Nothing. Just wanna point out both amazement and puzzlement on how they encoded this anime with that properties. AviSynth and x264 parameters play the most part to do this, and I don’t know what tricks do they use.

note: One should remember to put the -demuxer LAVF option upon using mplayer on Linux.


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