Ragnarok, Rogue-Stalker

by Aizan Fahri

I was a huge big enormous fan for Ragnarok Online (RO), and even built my own eAthena version on my localhost (thanks to Cecil). There few aspects that RO taught me, and sometimes, induced my creativity. The skillsets in RO were the best, which I wanna share with your some.


I want that Plagiarism. I want to copy Fariz’s Critical-Mathematical Analysis skill so I won’t screw up my calculus. Wait, I have more.


With Preserve, you gain the permanent ownership over the skill you have plagiarised as long as you don’t cancel it. To make it more dramatic, use Full Strip to strip the Critical-Mathematical Analysis skill of your classmates so you won’t have competitors.

note: I shouldn’t be telling such clandestine project publicly on my blog *sigh*