I ate 2 bungkus nasi lemak & 1 bungkus nasi kerabu

by Aizan Fahri

upon reading this

I ate 2 bungkus nasi lemak & 1 bungkus nasi kerabu. Upon reading this, I couldn’t help to ease the urge lurching & pinching my tummy to an extent where the backward action of food consumption was my morning nightmare. I vomited blood shit crap.

But then, nasi kerabu + lemak spit is not mainstream as cereal spit is.

note: to whom it may concern, I’m sorry. I just had my promiscuous mode went overboard (read: tak sengaja stalk). But then, no need to feel bad because I could always make a story up, where the thesis statement as follows:

nazran tweetnotes - love

Glasses on, notes on. Life can never be better without research research and research.

note: Dharma Danial might puke rainbows.

note: no flaunting here. I’m just being my usual self. sarcasmic (sarcastically cataclysmic).