when Rosenthal Effect kicks in…

by Aizan Fahri

rosenthal effects

Life wouldn’t be better without Rosenthal Effect, but sometimes together with it comes the most undesirable thing that we want the least: over-expectation.

I was at SHAMS, feeling the tremors that KRIS facilitators were experiencing back there. I met my teacher and my dear Ustazah. The conversation rendered me to a complete silence… all those praises and compliments made me feel bad. Everybody at my Alma Mater (educators, mostly) is looking very high at me, as if I’m standing on top of KLCC with the height of  ^3 than we have now.

To live with that expectation, is somewhat troublesome… almost irksome.

True, I was a stellar since I was the only one from my class (the 6th class) who got the stage-and-red-carpet walk to get my SPM slip, but then I was the last man standing in a list of 70 students who walked on the same carpet. The dimmest star. Almost non-existent if I were to be in a constellation with Sirius.

Towering personality? Heh. I don’t give a damn about it. Let me live the way I want, not the way they want.

note: My English teacher still remembers my ridiculously illogical essay when I was in form 3 (it is about my adventure on a supersonic bomber, Arios. I should’ve shown her my latest piece about crushes. Heh).