da’wah & persuasive speech

by Aizan Fahri

dakwah and persuasive speech

Datin Minda Hassan’s class on Speech Communication. We were doing post-mortem on each of our presentations, and we needed to rate and comment our own speeches. This class marked changes on my perception about the process of da’wah, and I couldn’t help myself when I entered into Critical-Savant Mode a while ago. It was at KRiS, SHAMS Kuala Terengganu.

No visual aids, 10 marks were deducted.
Paralyzed body language from mid-to-bottom (he was sitting on a chair), more marks were deducted.
No overview, no conclusion… more marks gone.
No formal clothing, say goodbye to grade C because D was the best you might get.

If I were asked for a session, I would dress up in tuxedo, bow-tie, shoes, keynote, laser pointer and whatnot.

note: Reformist, I think. Fundamentalists are still presenting the appearance with beards beads skullcap and whatsoever clothing that could get yourselves looked more Islamic.