critical mathematical analysis. Lucifer awaits you.

by Aizan Fahri

critical mathematical analysis

Just if I could kill someone who did this…

Another self-coined term, the Critical Mathematical Analysis. Math isn’t something that you can achieve by spoonfeeding. It is a process that needs critical thinking ability to relate the information that we already have (a.k.a knowledge) with new information that we just got. This meme expresses that Critical Mathematical Analysis is bad, and consequently, this meme institutionalize spoonfeeding.

note: My words this time are metaphorical. My point is: math was designed to arouse one’s critical analysis. Theorems and formulas were made based on critical analysis. Solving techniques were build by critical analysis. Want more?

In analytic trigonometry, you need to use the critical analysis to dissect the formulas, and to complete the square by using formula you need the critical analysis to know how the formula was derived.

note: Agreeing that critical analysis is a bad thing… you should be ready because Lucifer awaits you.