wake-up dynamics

by Aizan Fahri


I keep gloating about my sleep dynamics on Twitter, and real life too… aite? Allow me to gloat again this morning?

I got this thing set inside my brain, the ‘Wake-Up Dynamics’ (you won’t find anything inside Campbell’s Biology Textbook about this, because it is my self-coined words). So what is it?

I can wake up (by default) at 3.00 AM without alarm, and I can choose my brain to snooze me up at 4:00 AM, without alarm. If I feel terribly groggy, I could (again) instruct my brain to snooze me up at 5:00 AM and the cycle revolves until I decided to be fully awake at 6:00 AM, mainly because it is Subuh already and I couldn’t afford to perform my prayer at 7:00 AM or above.

After months of training, I achieve this.