NightlyArt on is back

by Aizan Fahri

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I just survived the Spring Semester of 2013 for my American Degree Foundation Program (ADFP). New projects for NightlyArt shall follow to be materialized during my short summer hiatus before getting my butt ready for Calculus 1 this 8-week Summer Semester. And now, I’ve resurrected NightlyArt The Second from the cobwebs, with a new name “NightlyArt Revival”.

NightlyArt Second and NightlyArt First will be completely deleted (and I’ll back up some posts). Following NightlyArt Revival is NightlyArt Frontier, and NightlyArt Clarent will be deleted too, leaving only NightlyArt Vault intact.

I just got Lehud on board to help me with the design for new NightlyArt’s logo and Soul Research Society’s logo. Meanwhile, I’m drafting few posts for Frontier.

A great kickstart for a great hiatus.